Imagine being able to access corporate data, applications, services, and resources on demand – at anytime and from anywhere. That kind of ubiquitous access is a fundamental advantage of the “cloud”, which is an efficient, flexible and cost-saving network platform that can have an important impact on your business.

There are several types of clouds to consider

Operated as a utility by a third party with services delivered over the Web, this multi-tenant arrangement is billed on a consumption basis.
Virtual Machines or Apps reside on a company’s own dedicated hosts and storage servers, providing the highest levels of flexibility, scalability, availability, and security.
A mix of public and private clouds that enables a company to leverage the scalability and economy of a public cloud without risking mission-critical applications and data to potential third-party vulnerabilities.
Allows a company to run several operating systems and applications, including voice, on a single machine. With this arrangement, shared pools of resources can be created to optimize the infrastructure for performance, reliability and availability.

The cloud also offers opportunities for consolidation and automation of administrative tasks, plus there are choices for interlinking multiple clouds for optimal advantage. All this allows you to focus on your business instead of technology.

Through partners like Cloud Dynamics, iVedha also offers ground-breaking eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, and low power consumption/high efficiency cloud and data center methodologies and designs.

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